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Sampa Partners generally pursues investments in companies with the following criteria:
• Industry sectors. Tech-enabled business services, information services and software solutions sectors
• Large addressable market. Potential for 8+% annual market growth and meaningful barriers to entry
• Size. Profitable businesses up to $7 million of EBITDA; enterprise values of $15 million to $75 million
• Solid Foundation. Companies will typically offer a proven, scalable business model with high recurring revenue and
have strengths in such areas as customer relationships, intellectual property or strategic partnerships
• Underdeveloped Relative to Potential. While possessing a solid foundation, target companies may also exhibit one
or more of the following challenges:
o Unfocused growth initiatives or lower than market growth
o Suboptimal corporate scale or scope and correspondingly reduced profitability
o Solid core management team, but potential opportunity for improvement
Company Characteristics
• Investment Size. $5 million to $30 million of equity; larger transactions in partnership with other investors
• Transactions. Control-oriented buyout, late stage growth, recapitalization, and consolidation transactions
• Horizon. Long term, patient capital with a preference for longer investment lifecycles
• Restrictions. No venture capital opportunities, companies with significant technology risk, or turnarounds pursued
Transaction Profile
Value Proposition
We invest only where we can actively contribute to shareholder value creation. Our mission is to leverage our capabilities, in partnership with management's strengths, to maximize a company's growth potential and profitability. Sampa Partners' team brings to the relationship:
Decades of operational and financial experience in all phases of the business and economic lifecycles;
Significant M&A and business integration experience;
A strong culture of great people, technology expertise and customer satisfaction;
An entrenched philosophy of significant performance incentives for management teams to align incentives; and
Perhaps most importantly, a management friendly approach - we serve as active directors and coaches to company
Investment Criteria